U visa

If you have been the victim of certain serious crimes, you can become eligible for non-immigrant U status or a U visa.

Not all victims of criminal activity are eligible. The immigrant victim must have suffered serious physical or mental harm due to the criminal activity.

In addition, the immigrant victim must be willing to assist the police or law enforcement officials with the investigation. The immigrant victim must obtain certification from law enforcement officials that they have cooperated in the investigation or prosecution of the criminal.

Qualifying criminal activity inclues: abduction; hostage; sexual assault; abusive sexual contact; incest; sexual exploitation; blackmail; involuntary servitude; slave trade; domestic violence; kidnapping; torture; extortion; manslaughter; trafficking; false imprisonment; murder; witness tampering; female genital mutilation; obstruction of justice; unlawful criminal restraint; felonious assault; peonage; perjury; prostitution; rape; other related crimes.

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